What Is Tapestry?



Who We Are

The Tapestry Network is a faith-based networking opportunity for women to grow in their businesses, connect with other like-hearted ladies, expand their opportunities to serve their communities, and to be encouraged in their desire to place God as the center in every outlet of their lives.  Whether you are a business owner, a private contractor, or you currently work for a local business, and whether you are a Jesus follower, an interested seeker, or one who is merely interested in what a Christ-centered business looks like, WE WOULD LOVE TO WELCOME YOU!

What We Do

As a band of women pursuing their varying skills, gifts, and talents, we invest in each other both in our monthly Gatherings and as a hive of resources in our community, connecting our sisters with those who would be blessed by services offered within Tapestry.  THE GATHERING is a monthly meeting built upon giving each woman the necessary resources to deepen their personal lives and encourage their business growth, while lending a renewed joy in serving their community.  Each meeting includes opportunities to share each lady’s business, gain inspiration towards personal and career goals, donate and win raffle prizes which benefit local non-profit organizations, experience a like-hearted speaker, and, of course, enjoy good food!

What We Offer

In addition to The Gathering and the natural word-of-mouth referrals which blossom from the network, our office offers each member a myriad of business enhancements: a meeting place for you to spend time with clients, a monthly prayer meeting, opportunities to leave your business cards for interested passersby, classes on marketing and social media, power meetings with our founder, rental classrooms, and rental shelf space for product advertisement. Our social media efforts enhance your online presence as each event is tagged, transactions are marked, and every opportunity to share your businesses is utilized in full!

Claim Your Welcome Package

The first 16 people to sign up for a new membership will receive a special welcome package!  Each New Member who completes the registration process and pays the annual fee in full will receive a copy of The One Thing and a $10 gift certificate to Caroline’s Coffee.  The One Thing by Gary Keller and Jay Papasan has been hugely instrumental in the lives of millions of business owners and entrepreneurs, as they realize the one small thing they can do today, that, by doing so, will make everything else easier or unnecessary.  And what better place to enjoy a good book than in our local coffee shop, just around the corner?!  Application and fees must be submitted by December 23rd, 2018  to qualify for the welcome package. Only 16 bundles are available!
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